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2nd Year State Holiday
284th year Negro Election Day

Entertainment Performances
Date:  July 20, 2024
Salem Willows Park
Salem MA

Entertainment Shell.jpg

Salem United, Inc.
em Presents

Entertainment Timeline

Time:  10:15 a.m.                               Gospel Music
11:00 am                                             National Black Anthem played

11:30 am                                             Ronald Ramso (spoken Word)

11:45 am                                             Richard Ferrell (Singer)

12:15 PM                                             Big Brotha Sadi (Spoken Word)

1:30 pm                                               Devaney (Singer/Contest Winner)

3:30 pm                                               Malden High School – Steppers (Dance Group)

3:45 pm                                               Terry Carter (Spoken Word)

4:15 pm                                                Zeely Meseeak (African Drummers/Dance)

5:15 pm                                                 Malia Mack (Youth-Singer)

5:30 pm                                                 Brothers Walk (Band)

                            D.J. will close out the day until 8:00 p.m.

 Now Is The Time To Sign Up For 
The 2025 Performances

Deadline Is February 28th, 2025


Nicole Burke 

Montsho Gallardo , Co-Chair -
Rene Marchando
George Steel
Frank Wilkins, Musical Director - 

For additional information please contact the Musical Director or the Co-Chairs of the Organization.  We are also taking application requests for 2025.    

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