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What Is Salem United, Inc’s Mission?

Salem United, Inc. fosters a commitment to preserve our cultural history, protect our ethnic traditions, and build our community and social awareness.  Salem United, Inc. preserves, protects and builds black history through community engagement.


What Does Salem United, Inc. Do?

Salem United Inc.’s purpose is unifying Individuals, Organizations and Companies in bettering our communities.
Our most significant goals are to:

• Increase participation in Voter Registration and U.S. Census through education and historical significance of the origin of “Negro Election Day”, The First Black Voting System.
• Provide history for Black America
• Build mentorships and collaboration. 
•  Do charitable works.  
•  Provide education.  
•  Cultivate social and community events


Why Should I Join Salem United, Inc?

Salem United, Inc. is an organization whose accomplishes comes directly from the work involvement of its members.  It is a grassroots organization providing every member with opportunities to learn and educate others about its history with voting which will enable them to go out and bring that history to the relevance of today’s.
Salem United, Inc. believes we need everyone to participate in order for our community to overcome the inequities in our communities today.  Whether you contribute your time, your money, or both you can feel confident that your investment in our organization will bring true diversity and equity.

Our members meet to develop programs and policies that work for success.  We take the risk to make the change.  But we cannot do it alone.  The struggle is still active, and we cannot fight unless we fight together.  


•    Attend an event on our calendar
•    Contact us to get involved

Become a member of Salem United, Inc. and join our dedicated team of givers. With your help, we’ll be able to do more and do it better. 

Our membership fee will be $30.00 a year.   

Our fee goes into the missions of Salem United, Inc to reach its goals and fulfill its programs. 

We have several types of Committees you can serve on as a member and we look forward to your contribution. 

Salem United, Inc. has made history in becoming a State Holiday and now together we can make it a success.



Keep On Collaborating

Working with Salem United, Inc. can be challenging but the rewards are worth it.   

Upcoming Liaison for 2024 

1. Clergy

2.  Museums

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

                                  —Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, political leader, philanthropist.

Working with Salem United, Inc. can be challenging but the rewards are worth it.   

Here are a list of our Committees:  

1. Administrative
2.  Communication/Media

3.  Entertainment

4.  Exhibition

5.  Events/Gala

6.  Parade
7.  Flag

8.  Pavilion

9.  Vendor

10.  Volunteer

Your help will help us continue our work in helping preserve history and culture in Massachusetts.
Together we can make a difference!

A list of participants of Committees please find here:  

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