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Its Time To Make Your Voice Matters 

Its Time To Embrace Our True History

Salem United, Inc. Board & Membership

Salem United, Inc. Youth Division

Work Desk

Stop Living In The Past

We are not a history of Slaves having a Day off to Gather.  We are not a history of the churches enjoying a picnic.  We are not a history of Black people honoring the celebration of lynching. 

We are the history of the First Black Voting System.  Dating back to 1741.  Don't fight our history embrace it and fight for it.  Today it is a State Holiday to be preserved forever.  

Join us, honor it and build it.  

We want to say Congrats to our two newly installed board members: 

Joshua Gerloff – Treasure
Monieke McNeil  - Secretary

It is an exciting time for Salem United, Inc. and we are looking forward to an exciting 2023

Our Executive Board and Team Members 2023

Executive Team
Doreen Wade – President,
Joshua Gerloff – Treasure
Monieke McNeil  -  Secretary

Board and Membership
Giovanni Alabiso
Eluid Alcala, Tech
Warren Barnett

James Clarke

Anyfern Gonzalez
Terrell Greene

Celeste Hamilton
Robyn Harding

Andre Hollywood
Joy Charles Kay

Judith Reilly
Annette Kim Singletary

Anna Whitted

Ex-Officio Member
Kerima Lewis, Historical Professor


B.A. Northwestern 
Master of Social Work from Hunter College School of Sc
Juris Doctor from New York University school of law
Master of History from University of Iowa
PH. D from University of CA Berkeley

John Burke, Salem Police Dept. Rep
Gina Flynn, Eastern Bank
Shawn Newton, Salem State University,

Susan Russo, National Parks Service


Brent E. Taylor, Ferris State University, Jim Crow Museum

Design Consultants

Alick M McLean
Mary Richards

Honorable Mention

Lorraine Wade








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 We are looking forward to you being part of Salem Untied, Inc. but before you can be a full member you need to fill out a CONFIDENTIALITY AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY AND DISCLOSURE FORM  Please download and fill out and we will approve  ability to obtain private and confidential paperwork.  

Thank you and we look forward to you being a full member of Salem United, Inc.  

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