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Salem United, Inc. has been invited to serve as a vendor at these locations on these dates.  We are excited to be a part of everyone's day.  

Kwanzaa Tree.jpg

Parade Of Trees


February 2024 
City of Salem took away Old Town Hall - Cancelled Black History Month

Negro Election Day Float.jpg

Negro Election Day
Salem Willows 
July  20 2024

Salem United, Inc. will be participating in
15th Annual Parade of Trees,
This will be a great way to start the holiday season and introduce Kwanzaa to the community!

We will be decorating a Kwanzaa tree at the Danvers Historical Society Parade of Trees.  
We hope you will come out and support the Parade 2023 between Wednesday, December 6th through Sunday, December 10th at Tapley Memorial Hall, 13 Page Street, Danvers. 

You will have the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket and win the Kwanzaa tree.  We hope you win us.

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