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From The Studio of Dracut Access TV
The N.E.I. Report


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The N.E.I. Report Podcast
Doreen Wade

NEI Report Podcast 2 weeks of shows

Episode 1 Re Antoine Surviving 42 year in Radio As A Black Man
Episode 2 Negro Election Day History with caller guest Bernard McClamy

Find a complete list of NEI Report Podcast shows on:

Apple Podcast at:
Anchor at:
Spotify at:
Podcast Republic at:
and Google Podcasts

We will be advancing on to other platforms and will let update as they are accepted. 

Our December show the NEI Report will discuss a topic from the Baystate Banner Newspaper: “Marblehead struggle with the word Black after Black Joe Pond”.   Why does white America feel that Black is derogatory and negative?

Keep checking for that Episode.  

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