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We Practiced Self-Governing.  History Of Negro Election Day

     Negro Election Day is a historical story dating back to 1740 about free African human people living in their homeland and stolen by European’s living in America and forced on ships where they were brought to unknown land.  These African’s were controlled into learning a language they did not understand.  They were free men, women and children who lost their right to live a life of freedom.  Somehow these once freed humans were now commanded to live in a world of servitude, which Europeans called Slavery.  Successfully this society of people of color learned to understand the language and culture of the European whites, combined with African cultures and to become embolden and obtained power and control of their lives.  
     With this power these now educated people built strength, taught each other how to survive and implemented a system based on their royal leadership combined with European white politicians, to build a self-governing system to help maintain their communities, which save lives from being violated and abused.
     Today Black Celebration Day is a time to preserve and protect the history and culture while uplifting and informing all people, especially those who are Black and Brown.   We bring education which aids in economic, social and the arts.  





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― DaShanne Stokes

“Resistance isn’t enough. If we want change, we have to get out the vote.”