January 2019 - Present 2021


What is Massachusetts Doing to Preserve Black History?


It was once stated that Silence is a form of Black Suppression. 
By not supporting this Bill you are not acknowledging this history. 


In 2021 Salem United, Inc re-submitted to Senator Joan B. Lovely paperwork for Negro Election Day to be a State Holiday.  It was not passed to the Senator.

On February 18, 2021, Senator Joan B. Lovely submitted Bill S. 2083  

 Supporters of the Bill:

We reached out to the Salem League of Women Voters and await to have their support!
Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts


The Bill is to honor the Slaves who developed the first Black Voting System and established a self-black governing system. 

We have a lot of work and welcome your support. 
Please send letters of support to:

Write to:

Senator Joan Lovely
Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon Street
Room 413A
Boston, MA 02133