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“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”

– Dr. Mae Jemison, First Black Female Astronaut


Salem United, Inc.'s mission is to Preserve, Protect and Build Black History. In preserving Negro Election Day the new discussion is:
"Why is Salem United Inc. using the word "Negro".
When Pompey and the other West Africans were brought to this country, in chains and sold into slavery, they decided to fight for their right to be men who governed their people and their communities. To make sure their people lived safely and not beaten, whipped or killed.  
In finding a name for this Black Governing system they turned to the waters and thought about their homeland of West Africa. In West Africa, there was a place called Negroland. Many of these men, of royal blood, were once rulers over that kingdom of Negroland; now stripped of their rights.  
They wanted to name their governing system after the land they once ruled over and call it Negro Election Day. I will stand tall behind the history of the first black voting system, but I will not allow people to demand I accept the name change of Black or African American Picnic. Negro Election Day will not be a legacy built around a tradition of LYNCHING. 
I vowed to fulfill my mission and goals for Salem United, Inc. by preserving and protecting. In order to preserve, I must honor these men and their decision to use Negro in their name. In order to protect this history, I must document it with its historical significance, not something established hundreds of years later.  
I do not believe, as Black Americans, we must always be the group who change their name whenever people decide it is not relevant to their lifestyle. We are always asked to whitewash our history, our stories, our legacy. Well, I will not. I will honor the men who gave us this history. I will honor the land this history came from. I will honor the name NEGRO, even if I have to stand on my own!


President Doreen Wade, Salem United, Inc. 


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