Salem United, Inc. will be hosting 4 annual Events a year. 

Some of those events will be collaborating with:
a.  City of Salem, Arts and Culture
b.  Peabody Essex Museum
c.  Salem YMCA
d.  Salem School System
Look for announcement! 
Come out and joy our events in 2023! 

Salem United, Inc.  Board Kwanzaa Celebration

Date:  December 2022- TBA

Salem United, Inc. will collaborate with its Youth Board, which will include YMCA, Salem, Salem State University and Salem United, to host an annual Kwanzaa Celebration.  Culture is valuable contribution to all communities, and all cultures should be represented. 

We will welcome all to come and participate. 


Kwanzaa Host:  TBA
Time:  TBA

Dishes of Kwanzaa welcomed

Keep checking for updated information


Martin Luther King Day Breakfast

1st Essex County Martin Luther King Day Breakfast & Celebration 

Date:  January 16, 2023:

Salem United, Inc. will collaborate with the League of Women Voters of Salem for our 1st MLK Breakfast. 

We will welcome all to come and honor those who are living his life's work.

Featured Speakers:  TBA

Time:  10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Location:  TBA



Salem Willows Park, 165 Fort Avenue, Salem MA 01790

Date:  July 15, 2023  

Join Us for our 283rd year celebration and 1st Year State Holiday

Salem United, Inc. will be adding a new parade route and will make many changes to the Live Entertainment and stage area.  We will 


We will announce various activities that will take place that day. 

Theme:  TBA
Speakers:  TBA
Awardees:  TBA

Time:  8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Location:  Salem Willows Park, Salem, MA

King Pompey.jpg

Black Diaspora Cultural Event 

Location: Old Town Hall

Date:  February 1-28th, 2023

During Black History Month, Salem United, inc. will host a Black Diaspora Cultural Event at Old Town Hall. 

A series of activities include:  Historical Storytelling, Musicians, Artists, Historical Q&A, Dance Groups, Spoken Word, Singers, Workshops and more!

Please keep checking website for upcoming schedule of events


Artists of all genres are welcome!







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Date information and description

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