2022 Salem United Inc Projects

What we plan to do!

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  • Program 1: Negro Election Black Celebration Day

  • Program 2: Events, Gala’s, Workshops and Health

  • Program 3: Voting Registration & U.S Census

  • Program 4: Preserve Slave and freed Black Headstones. Negro Election Day Program! Exhibition

  • Program 5:  State Holiday



Program 3


Program 4

Voting Registration & U.S Census.
Salem United, Inc will be working with Organizations and Colleges to get workshops and seminars.  We are reaching out to Professors, Senator's office and Organizations to begin the process of educating in the areas of 
1.  Understanding the Electoral College
2.  Why the U.S. Census is important 
3.  What does it mean to take a Civil Service Test
2.  Understanding your Vote and your Voice - Being Black and Voting.  

Slave And Freed Black Cemeteries
Salem United is starting to work to get signage in the Howard Street Cemetery in honor of the Slave and Freed Black section of the Howard Street Cemetery in Salem MA. 


We are still working on improving the neglect and deterioration of headstones.  We will also be adding the cemetery so it will become an active part of the Salem Black Heritage tour in the city.  

Salem United, Inc.is moving its exhibit to a temporary location and we are working on a permanent location. 


Program 5

State Holiday

The Massachusetts State Senate passed Bill S2703 for Negro Election Day to be a Holiday.  We are awaiting final vote in the House of Representatives and then to the Governor's Desk for signing.

Negro Election Day State House Exhibit 

The Massachusetts State Senate house has asked Salem United, Inc. to host and exhibition.   We have acccepted.

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