Salem United

Celebrating 277 Years of Black History!

Chair and President

recent projects

Our 275-Year Salem Willows Black Festival voter registration outreach  at Salem Willows  Park  recently got the attention of local media.



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mission & vision

 We are  devoting time and energy necessary to educate, uplift and inform the Massachusetts Ethnic Community while preserving and protecting its Black History.

Celeste Hamilton

Donald Mitchell

our leadership team 2017 - 2019


To obtain our Negro Election Day aka Salem Willows Black (Picnic) Festival brochure click to download


The people who volunteer for us each year is growing and makes a difference in the lives of those we service. Find out how to become our partner.

Ray Bartlett

Danny Steele

Neil Sicard

Anna Whitted

Salem Willows Black Festival has been a fixture in my life since I was a child.  Going there annually was the highlight of my summer. But finding out its history has been my ultimate dream.  I will spend my life protecting its history for generations to come..

Ms. Doreen Wade